My work reflects the ‘want it now’ generation and the need to buy EVERYTHING under the lure of advertisement giants using psychological research.

My paintings play on consumerism culture, looking at fast fashion, food branding and advertisement. My paintings represent my era, using obvious nostalgia, objects, millennial colours and content from social media as recurring themes.

I combine the different elements that make consumers want to buy into non necessities and glorified junk. To make paintings that feel like a digital screen, showing no sign of personal touch, making them flat and super glossy.

My work starts out as a digital file, which I then manipulate with paint. The paint alone leaves brush marks and imperfections.

Adding the resin varnish diminishes any marks or signs of human production. I think of my paintings as ‘packaged paintings’ the Resin varnish also adds to this as it has a tactile, edible nature. They are a similar size or painted as a series that are the same size. Having this unity adds to the idea that they are a commoditised product.




Beetle Juice
30 x 15 cm
Gouache and resin varnish on linen panel.
Estimate Value 750€
Starting Bid 400€

Yellow Brick Wall
13 x 8 cm
Gouache and resin varnish on linen canvas.
Estimated Value 350€
Starting Bid 200€