Past Shows


03. till 05. December 2021


Friederike &Uwe

22. till 24. Oktober 2021

Solo Show


05. till 06. December 2020

POP UP STORE – 11 Artist

A group of Munich artist show small work of art.

“Buy a gift that will last forever! Be innovative and buy art.”

Xavier Orignac Furio Torracchi – Margith Memminger – Muhtesin Erbas – Thomas Lomberg – Max Gehring – Petros Sianos – Yuliia Koval – Yens Franke – Christophe Schneider – Christine Offermann


28 Juni till 12 July 2020

We were and are viewers of this world epidemic called COVID -19.
Out of respect for those who risk their lives or have lost their lives every day to save the sick in all parts of the world, especially in poor areas where the weakest have neither financial opportunities nor fully equipped hospitals , Artespace has decided to organize a charity auction  where the profit will be fully donated to  Ärzte ohne Grenzen Germany , Doctors without Borders UK or Médecins Sans Frontières France organization.The aim is to improve and promote the work of doctors, nurses and health workers who risk their lives every day to treat the sick in the poorest areas of the world.
We are proud of the artists who responded to our initiative by providing original works of art.
Our auction channels will be online on our website and via social on Instagram. 

Margit Memminger


06 März till 15 März 2020

In her art, Margit Memminger experiments with a wide variety of media, such as photography, music, video, painting, drawings, etc. Painting takes on the largest part. In the hermeneutic creative process, she does not submit to any rules. She uses different materials, mixes her colors herself, pours them onto the canvas, scratches into it, destroys layers, lets them crack brittle or in the end paints over everything again. Monochrome surfaces are broken up by lines and cracks. Behind this, fragmentary layers of innumerable realities seem to be hidden, which dissolve our reference system into nameable objects and allow us to immerse ourselves in silent, strange universes.


07. till 15. December 2019

11 Artist

A group of Munich artists showcase small works of art to change the trend. Buy a gift that will last forever! Be Innovative and Buy Art!

Furio Torracchi – Christophe Schneider – Xavier Orignac – Thomas Lomberg – Max Gehring – Petros Sianos – Yuliia Koval – Eleonora Burmistrov – Peter Patry – Xenia Fumbarev – Yens Franke