I’m not a real person. I’m a legend. – Jean-Michel Basquiat



from 1st July to 30th July 2022

Deadline to apply 15/04/2022

General rules

1) To apply, each artist must send us 1 to 2 JPGs or GIFS images (work of art) of a portrait of Basquiat  by 15 April 2022 including a link to their website.

2) The artists are open to the use of all mediums, from digital media and collage to photography, digital painting and beyond..

3) For this project we have no predefined traits or composition, the choice of Basquiat’s portrait is at your free choice, by not using predefined traits, we want to give artists the choice to create truly unique pieces, the important thing is that the portrait must come from the bust or shoulders up. (At least the shoulders must always be visible).

4) The size of the Jpg or Gif artwork files that you send us must be at least 3000 × 3000 pixels, at 72 dpi, with a maximum size of 40 MB and have a Square Format.

5) The selected artists will be notified by April 30, 2022.

6) Once an artist has been selected, he/she must produce a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 individual JPGs / GIFS images (artwork) of Basquiat’s portrait by 15 June 2022.

According to the style and unique approach of each artist, each NFT will also have the name of the artist who created it. This means that the works of art will all be different.

The selected artists will receive a dedicated page on our site and must consequently send us a photo of themselves and a statement on their work

7) The works of art must not been minted already, we will mint the work of art through our gallery.

8) The  Exhibition will take place on Opensea from 1st July to 30th July 2022.

9) The application is free

10) The starting price for each NFT will be revealed to artists after they become interested in participating.

11) In case of sale the artist will receive 75% of the sale price, the artists will have to provide us with the address of his/her Crypto wallet (Metamask) if he/she wants to be paid with Crypto currency, artists who do not have a Crypto wallet or are not interested in opening one, can be paid through Paypal or Bank Transfers in US Dollars or Euros (1)

(1) Since the NFT will be sold in crypto currency, the payment in Dollars or Euros will incur various costs such as (gas fee, exchange fee, transfer fee, etc.) these expenses will have to be paid by the artists who prefer this method of payment.

We encourage artists to open a Metamask wallet (you can follow our link to learn how to open a Metamask wallet)

12) Artists who have sold an NFT artwork through our gallery will receive 8% royalty every time the sold artwork is sold again.

After The Exhibition

At the end of the exhibition, the unsold NFT works will go on sale in our permanent NFT online gallery.

We are also scheduling the Physical Exhibition in Munich on Digital Screens by the end of 2022. The intention is to present the “Basquy” Exhibition on digital screens to promote the selected artists and their NFT’s.

Contact us:

Please send 1 to 2 JPGs or GIFS application images to: before the 15th April 2022