Shape, colour, line, materiality of paint and the myriad ways that they can interact are the jumping off points for my painting explorations. I truly think of painting as a dedicated practice, one that I must return to as often as possible to feed my artistic curiosity and my soul. Endless fascination and dedication to remaining present in each moment fuel my quest to express what is, at first, intangible. The shapes and forms that dominated in my two dimensional work have taken on a life of their own. The integration of these elements onto a flat surface is no longer appropriate to what I’d like to express. A more sculptural approach is necessary, as well as a distillation into more isolated forms. My practice is experimental and rigorous. I work with oil, cold wax, acrylic and sculpted plywood forms. The sides of the pieces are painted with fluorescent colour, which reflects off the wall surface and animates the work. Shapes are layered, using hand cut templates and masks. These are somewhat crudely made which thwarts initial control while indicating the human hand involved in the making. Working wet in wet, unexpected transfers occur, adding richness to the surface. Layering, scraping back and re-application of paint in a manner that both obscures and reveals simultaneously, leads me through a process driven inquiry where discovery and exploration are the main objectives. Evident in the final works are a diaristic passage of time and the history of development. 


Portal – Sun & Sky 

23 x 19 x 6.5 cm 
Oil, Cold Wax, Acrylic on Shaped, Beveled Plywood 
Estimate Value 520€
Starting Bid 260€