Raised both in the woods of a 300 year old Pennsylvania farm and on the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii, Liz finds a beautiful tension and influence between these two disparate, but equally formative environments. The contrast between the two has colored the conceptual nature of her work. This conversation embraces moody palettes, bright tropical accents, the femme form and natural elements to express themes of self-reflection, fertility, rebirth and self-discovered sensuality. Through her surrealist landscapes and moody portraits, she strives to capture authentic feeling, find commonalities between perceived extremes, and to uphold the infinite strength of the feminine. Liz is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, the geographical middle between Pennsylvania and Kauai.



Mellow Yellow My Fellow Sunshine
46 x 61 cm (18 x 24) 
Printed on archival matte paper using an Inkjet printing process. 
Estimate Value 650 €
Starting Bid 500 €

Yummy Fruity One
61 x 81 cm (24 x 32)
Printed on archival matte paper using an Inkjet printing process.
Estimated Value 1200 €
Starting Bid 950 €