Art is a way of seeing the world, that is, the reality. The real question is whether this reality exists as such or it is the result of one’s perception. I believe that creating your own individual reality is what truly defines art. For such a claim, we need to delve into an experiment, however it should not be deemed as the goal itself, but rather as the means to discovering the origin of one’s sensibility.

Abstract art came out as an infinite source of my sensibility when I realised that each dot, each line, and each speckle stirred my imagination and inspired me to create new spatial systems, to alter time, and to create rhythms of painted forms with the aim of reaching specific meanings and feelings. Abstract art compelled me to revel in the act of painting, so I would approach a painting as a builder, setting its framework and constructions which would uphold my emotions and sensations, I would slow down or speed up the passage of time by applying vertical, horizontal, and diagonal shapes, and I would create rhythms amongst coloured forms to reach specific meanings and feelings.

This whole process is a continual focus on the exploration and cognition of the reality and on the creation of a new one. It implies that, like all other artists and creators, I spend time in solitude, in my studio, but also in the outside world when I take the role of an observer and an investigator.



70×130 cm
acrylic on canvas
Estimated Value 5000 €
Starting Bid 3000 €

 120×160 cm
acrylic on canvas
Estimated Value 9000€
Starting Bid 5000€