Drawing is for Petros Sianos a very direct form, as well as the expression and the sculptural language itself, influenced by role models from arts histories, stimulated by contemporaries, literary as well as musical associations, recurring tags of memories from childhood, experiences and fears. The artist is ultimately left to his own . He listens from within, unimpressed from fashion and strange advice, in addition, drawing is in the best case subversive, essentially independent of place, time and working conditions. Sianos uses the advantages of a studio, but similarly the independence of being in nature and in a large city. HIs complete work happens always and everywhere. The speed, in which humans take in impressions, changes depending on their own emotions ,how excited or indifferent they are ,whereas the rhythm of the objective world in which he realizes, carries on, unaltered in speed. (PUDOWKIN 1983:315) Sianos art is an ideal instrument in which to clarify his private universe -to get closer to his world, a sense to produce,in concentrated form.For him it is not about drawing a line or drawing a piece,its more about giving a sense to the minimum, in which Jean François Lyotard refers to… formulating thoughts, in order to express feelings, in short, to secure his own world. Only the works of art themselves will survive the personal internal monologues of the artists. Art as a spreading regime. Sianos current work is essentially encyclopedic tablets. In certain moments seemingly fareastern,scooped up from an immense find of 
ornamental,structural,textural,figurative submittals and pictures. He saw himself already in his childhood as a puppeteer and farmer of worlds. In his Oeuvre he has remained until today. Perhaps there lies a hope and promise for an ideal world, which still does not(yet) exist. “ I have achieved freedom to show my true au natural, and what could be more beautiful than truth and Freedom. “(Petros Sianos). 


1 : 2 : 020
70 x 70 cm
Acryl auf Leinwand, 2020

2 : 4 : 019,
50 x 50 cm
Acryl auf Leinwand, 2019