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Buster’s bedroom
165 x 105 x 0,1 cm
Mixed media on canvas
Buster’s bedroom, 2020, mixed media on canvas, 165 x 105 cm


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If Art has to be some form of truth, then painting is a conversation, a more or less disguised battle. Though the creative process, there is no other path than the one of honesty, regarding yourself and the painting currently being made. It is essential to be humble. The act of creation is beyond the painter. The painting itself responds to a group of rules than one cannot really apprehend. There is something above which dictate its needs.

I don’t see good or bad interpretations of my work. There is no failure in not understanding. The « why » is insignificant. Art should be a moment out of time. When everything stands still. The painter’s mission is to remind people that Art cannot be grasped. I don’t pretend to define anything and I don’t expect any specific reaction. Intimacy is the goal, the subject and the language. Movement is the key.


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