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First Thaw

45 x 60 cm

Mixed media on paper

Layers of collage, marks, and acrylic paint to capture that feeling of spring colors first starting to appear.


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My art, like my life, is about finding an equilibrium between freedom and order, chaos and stillness. I live in Portland, Oregon and enjoy all the energy a vibrant city has to offer, yet I also live surrounded by fern forests and need the quiet of solitary walks in nature. My work oscillates between being full of dynamic marks and brushstrokes and areas of soothing calm. Sometimes one dominates, sometimes the other.  Urban life and nature both intermingle in my work.

I am an eternal student, starting my art education years ago at Okla. State Univ. and continuing with workshops up to a master’s residency this year. To support my art habit, I earned a PhD and taught at Univ. of California.  I have taught art at all levels from kindergarten through adult and have shown my work internationally.  Last year I won 4 Bold Brush Abstract Art awards, including a first place, ranking me as the third highest award winner in their competitions.


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